Yoga Classes

at Meadowside

Group Hatha Yoga Classes

My class sizes are small, with a maximum of 8 students to allow for individual attention. Get your first class at half price. Use the sign-up form at the bottom of this page to get your first yoga class at a discounted rate. 

Bring your mat, water & something cosy for relaxation.


Private Yoga classes are also available.

Yin Yoga Classes

These classes are excellent for improving stamina through deep rest; range of movement; injury prevention; supporting your immune system through holding positions passively for a little longer and relaxing into them, using props for stability and support. We end the class with a deeply relaxing 20 minute Yoga Nidra practice.


Yin Yoga
Happy Baby Yoga Pose

Menopause Yoga

Menopause Yoga supports women (those who have/had a menstrual cycle) who are going through peri to post-menopause in group classes, workshops and retreats.

These gatherings include specially adapted Yoga practices including breathing techniques and meditation exercises to help manage the main symptoms of hot flushes, anxiety, overwhelm, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, brain fog and low mood in a supportive, sharing and non-judgemental environment. Guidance and signposting on natural remedies, nutrition and hormone replacement are also shared.

Menopause Yoga Reviews


“Lovely menopause yoga workshop in a relaxed friendly environment. Chat, tea, breathing and postures to all help with flushes/sweats.” – Liz

“I’ve been trying the seaweed supplement. Too soon to see benefits. I’ve been telling lots of my work colleagues about how much I enjoyed the session. I haven’t been using the poses but have been practising the grin breathing.”- Rachel

“Molly made me feel so welcome when I arrived for her Menopause Yoga Workshop for Hot Flushes. She has created a beautiful, calm and safe space for her restorative yoga practices. I felt very comfortable sharing my experiences of menopause and enjoyed the whole experience, leaving armed with yoga practices to help with hot flushes, feeling relaxed and positive. Would highly recommend.” – Amanda

Private Yoga Classes

Private 121 sessions, corporate Yoga and Yoga Retreats are also offered. Please click on the button below to enquire. 


What They Say


“I usually find trying new yoga teachers overwhelming but I have been going to Molly’s classes since moving to Llandaff (in person and online). She is kind, explains poses well and I love the variety of yoga she offers. Her studio is also really relaxing and I’m glad I’ve discovered her :)”


“Molly’s yoga classes have helped me to regain flexibility and movement. Each class is put together with thoughtfulness and delivered with gentle encouragement and explanation. The classes have been a welcome haven during this period of ‘lockdown’ and uncertainty, calming the mind body and spirit. Thank you Molly x”


“Molly’s yoga classes have been invaluable, especially during lockdown.!
It strengthens the body, calms the mind -what’s not to love 💕”


“Molly is an amazing skilled and welcoming teacher. She has classes that cover all ages and skill level. Really enjoyable sessions, a great body and mind workout and a lovely relaxing and friendly environment in which to meet new people. Highly recommend.”


“Molly is a fantastic yoga teacher with enjoyable classes, suitable for beginners to more advanced. The lessons are easy to follow and great for body and mind.
She’s also a great reflexologist!”


“I really enjoy these Yoga practices…. the focus is beautifully balanced between breathing, stretching, relaxation and the more dynamic, aerobic yoga poses. Her explanations are so precise and clear that I don’t actually need to look much at the screen when I’m doing an on line session. Molly also makes effort to customise specific poses and offer variations for differing abilities. The sessions are challenging but really enjoyable and so fluid…. I always come away feeling so calm, zen and stretched. Thank you Molly! “


A great introduction to yoga practise for me and now two years on always a warm welcome and able to feel part of the group. A weekly highlight. Highly recommended.


Wonderfully relaxing & restoring reflexology treatment with Molly today in a haven of calm & tranquility.


I am 8months pregnant and this was just what my tired body needed! So relaxing and I felt great afterwards!


On the begin i was a bit sceptical but finally i decided to try the reflexology and thanks goodnes that was the best decision,truly amazing experience. Molly is absolutely amazing she’s know what she’s doing and she’s very professional, i had though year with my cancer treatment so my body was tired and i had so much stress but just after first reflexology treatment i left feeling relaxed and happy, every treatment with Molly increased my energy ,and my stress was reduced a lot HERE’S THE BEST PLACE TO EXPERIENCE THE WONDERFUL REFLEXOLOGY SESSIONS,HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ENYONE . Thank you so much Molly definitely will continue


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